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The Pak Rural Development Program (PRDP) is going with success to achieve its mission as 2021 was a year of success in COVID-19 Prevention & Cure, Community Development, Poverty Alleviation and Reduction of Inequalities of our Communities we are working with. I thank you all of our employees/members, partners, and friends for your tireless work and commitment to moving our cause forward. I am especially proud to work alongside our growing PRDP family. Let us take a moment to celebrate our successes, savor our accomplishments, and look onward at the opportunities that await us in 2022. We enter 2022 with determination, optimism, and gratitude.


Due to the COVID Pandemic in the last two years where there was a state of anxiety all over the world. Pakistan was also severely affected by this pandemic. The prime priority in our country problems has always been Health, Education and the Economic Vulnerability of the people. These sectors have been further affected by the pandemic in the recent past years. The Pak Rural Development Program (PRDP) has played its vital role and successfully implemented several viable projects with government line departments, developmental practitioners, CBOs and other stakeholders to control the pandemic.


This is in our planning in the year 2022 and for many years to come that there is an urgent need to improve the infrastructure of government schools, provision of quality education in a conducive environment, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Promotion, Disaster Risk Reduction, Community Physical Infrastructure, Rule of Law, Civil Society & Govt. line departments Empowerment, Environment & Conservation of Natural resources and the development of projects to improve people Economy through sustainable Livelihood projects. The Pak Rural Development Program (PRDP) will continue to do its utmost this year to meet the basic needs of the people. This year, as every year, we welcome qualified professionals into our team to deliver the best results in the desired sectors.

Liaqat Ali
Executive Director
Pak Rural Development Program (PRDP)